Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Drake's Autobiography

I was born in downtown Toronto, Womens’ College hospital in the year 1991. The people that were there were my mom, dad and godmother. My godmother named me Drake because my mom could not figure out what to name me. My godmother is my mom’s closest friend. My mom knew my godmother long before she knew my dad. They talk often and I call her my godmother. My dad did not do any celebrating that I know of. I went home after a week at the hospital. I happened to be a healthy weight. I never ate much until grade 8. I would eat my lunch after school.

The big first memory that I remember was when I was pushed off a fire poll. I was standing near a slide on a jungle gym when I was pushed by a bigger kid. You could see the bone on my right knee. They had to patch it up. My mom was at the hospital with me. They used a butterfly patch (or you could call it cat skin) to mend it. My mother was there because it was near lunch time. She was the one who took me to the hospital. She was the most influential person in my memory.

Today my brother is the most influential person in my life. My brother was the one who first taught me to play video games, which in turn taught me to think on a higher level. So I’m able to think of stuff that we don’t have in this world. The first game I played was Super Mario and the Seven Stars.


What if this is not the first time any of us have lived? What if this is the second or the third time we have lived, or more? I happen to believe that we all have previous lives like ones that some of us remember. I remember some of mine so I’ll share them which you can believe if you want, or don’t if you don’t. I don’t care. I remember standing near a fountain in an old village at night. I’m waiting for someone in a pioneer town. I happen to look like a 25 year old man in about 1520. I have red hair with a piece of hair hanging over my face which happens to be white with the rest tied back.

There is another one I happen to remember where I happen to be in a castle with knights. Well the castle happens to be under attack. I am bringing the knights their weapons. I happen to be wearing leather armor with a sword at my left side, and also having a quiver as well as a bow on my back. I’m loading the canons and manning the mounted crossbows on the top of the wall. I’m about the age of 14 and I look like a kid with yellow hair.

The first girl I ever loved deeply was named Cream, it happened to turn out like Romeo and Juliet. We lived near each other and we met at our school. At the time and we hung out at an arcade and then we went to get something to eat later. Then I made a Valentines Day gift which was a statue of her, and her brother broke it. So I beat her brother with two baseball bats along with 16 girls.

We first met a week after Halloween. The first thing that attracted me to her was her look. It was like she looked like a tom boy but she was good looking. She was not the peppiest person. She was also the toughest in the school. The dates we went out on we went to the arcades and we were both challenged to a game of space invaders where we had to get the higher score and we topped the high score and beat the ones who challenged us. Her brother went crying to her mom that I beat him up, so I was forbidden to see Cream.


  1. Your life story is very nice and interesting you are very inspirational to me when I listen to your music it somehow motivates me to go further and push harder and I thank you for that I hope to meet you one day even though that’s kind of unrealistic well bye

  2. your dreezy keep up the good work bro i love you music belive it or not i live in a street named drake thats were you come in nice work bro...

  3. I can relate to what your saying about (I happen to believe that we all have previous lives like ones that some of us remember) it was kinda close to yours but yours took place along time ago, I Love Your Music n I know What Your Saying in ever song every metaphor it's like im stock living in the moment thinking about whats coming next, i wish i had a studio so i can Be Like You. Your The Best & Blessed For Your Success .

  4. I Luv Your Story I Really Like The Way You Explain All The Event In You Story,Also I Love The Way You Can Relate To Your Fans Thought Your Music ;) <333
    With Peace(&)Love Zaakiyah Wilson
    February 21,2012 11:23AM

  5. I want to know who you think you'll be in your next life..